The CarPORT, permaroof 

by Solarium optimum



Your high-end permanent garage; discreet and luxurious.

This car shelter eliminates the high cost related to the construction of a garage attached to your home. The installation is fast and easy. No major work in your yard and it can be installed in 1 or 2 days. It’s simple; you get at a lesser cost the required space for your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle or boat and; no more snow removal

Le CarPORT is a real innovation. It features the latest generation of hybrid structure and it is extremely bright. Its roof shape gives it a design blending with all architectural styles of home.

The aluminum structure of Le CarPORT is permanent and available in a choice of 2 standards colour and also
available in a multitude of optional colour. The tempered glass roof resists weathering, will ease the sliding of
the snow, will let the light through and is guaranteed 20 years. 

Very versatile, Le CarPORT, Permaroof is available in 3 models :

Model affixed to the house with 1 slopes up to 15’ feet wide
Model affixed to the house with 2 slopes up to 18’ wide (12’ and 18’ only)

Detached model with two slopes, 12’ and 18’ wide.

The 3 models are available in lenght of 6’ to 21 feet in 3 foot increment
Clearence heiight starting at 78’’ and more

The posts are available in 2 options :

Option 1 : 12’’ x 12’’ with corner hinged door for the storage of the side curtains.
Option 2 : 4’’ x 4’’ post

The CarPORT can be equipped with side curtains all around; Woven polyethylene, insect screen mesh,
opaque vinyl with windows.

The CarPORT can easily be used as a gazebo, pavilion or veranda.