Sanitary isolation panels from Solarium Optimum

An alternative to plexiglass pannel for cash register and waiting rooms!


A local product designed and made in Quebec!

  New!  L'IsoLOFT       




The Solarium Optimum Inc team is using its expertise to benefit public health during this period of global pandemic. Our team has designed an innovative modular isolation system that enables the erection of a protected isolation area for a waiting room in only a few minutes.
The hybrid structure of our isolation panels is composed of aluminum, PVC and elastomer. 


An economical alternative to
Plexiglass for counters and cash registers!

We also offer suspended or freestanding sneeze guard for cash registers, service and reception counters, and for other types of applications that require separation/isolation.




Division, Protective Panel, Temporary or Permanent Wall


This type of module is suitable for all types of waiting rooms including clinics, hospitals, blood donor clinics (red cross) and all other types of rooms that must accommodate several people at the same time.


Due to their minimal weight (6.8 kg each), these modules can be transported, moved and installed permanently or temporarily, and then reassembled into a different shape. Generally, there is no need to fasten the module to the ground.


The modules are easy to maintain, and more economical and aesthetically-pleasing than Plexiglas panels or other types of related products. Installation and disassembly only take a few minutes, and all modules are compatible regardless of the configuration.


The modules are translucent, making them both safe and practical for keeping an eye on the occupants.





Several configurations are available and availability is excessively fast.

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Réalisations : 
Institut de Cardiologie de Montréal






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